Johnson's Baby Bath and Shampoo review

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I don't know about any other excited mum-to-be's or new mummy's out there, but when I heard that you should only use warm water to wash your baby for the first month, I was a tad disappointed. I couldn't wait to start using bubble bath and shampoo and have that lovely new, fresh baby smell to snuggle up to! However, when Alice was born, I realised just how fragile and delicate her skin was, and the idea of putting anything on it was just not an option! Her hands were wrinkly, her hair was soft and thin and she had dry skin on her legs and feet. If I was to start using products on her straight away, her skin would not have had the time to recover and it may have begun to rely on those products, which is obviously not a good thing!

So I waited until Alice's skin looked a lot better with no dry skin, lovely wrinkle free hands and a rosy glow in her cheeks! At 6 weeks I finally felt comfortable with using a little baby bath and shampoo at bath time! Johnson's so a lovely range of bathing products for babies. They are completely natural and smell really good considering they have no perfume in them! The baby bath makes the water feel a little thicker so that when I rub it over Alice's belly it almost turns into a soapy substance. The shampoo is also great, though it doesn't smell as nice as the baby bath! It scared me how oily and quickly it slipped out, but actually when you lather it onto the hair, it does act just like normal shampoo and leaves her hair looking and feeling soft and clean.

It's so nice to be able to use a little shampoo and bubble bath now. I am trying to get Alice, and myself, into a bit of a bedtime routine and bath time is a big part of that, so it's important that it's fun and relaxing for both baby and I! Now I just can't wait till Alice can sit up and play! Next stage, BATH TOYS! Yay!



  1. Apprently some johnsons products, like the baby lotion, aren't so good ( my sister in law said it dried out her wee ones skin! What?!) I found the lotion didn't work with Aiden either. Tesco baby products come highly recommended by midwives so if you're looking for a good lotion try them :) Also, I hope you don't pay more than £1 for your johnsons products as you can get most, if not all, of them in poundland!! :)
    How cute is she in her bath!? Aiden hates facing up in the bath, he Has to lie on his tummy! Xo

  2. Yes, i am agree with you that new baby's hair is soft and thin and skin is dray on her legs and feet. And second thing is that Johnson's product is very good for new babies. There are all product for new baby available by Johnson.

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  3. Wash between your baby's fingers and toes. To keep your baby warm, expose only the parts you're washing.

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