My Favourite Cardigan

Monday, April 16, 2012

Green Vest Top: Topshop
Cardigan: River Island (old)
Jeggings: Topshop
Trilby: Topshop

We all have a favourite old cardigan locked away somewhere that we bring out every so often when it's cold and we feel like wearing something that smells and feels like it belongs to us! That's exactly what this cardigan is! I bought it about a year ago from River Island because it looked pretty and big and cosy. I love throwing it on over plain, boring looking outfits to jazz it up a bit. Or I like wearing it with my pyjamas in the evenings while watching TV and drinking tea! It's perfect for both. This cardigan is what I like to call an "investment fashion buy". Since buying it, I have purchased numerous other cardigans from lots of stores, but none of them have quite lasted like this one has. It has my smell and fits me just the way I like it! In fact, the other night when Alice was a bit restless in her cot, I used it as a blanket for her and she fell straight back to sleep! 

The vest top is very creased, I know! But I HATE ironing things and to be honest, it's the sort of material that will get creased the second I wear it anyway. And in case that wasn't enough excuses for my lack of clothing care, I also don't have time to iron things with a baby! Seriously, Alice has a pile of washing for me to do every single day! I don't know how someone so small can go through so many outfits! She has more clothes than me!



  1. Lovely cardi - and great idea using it as a blanky! Your smell must have been very soothing for Alice!
    I know what you mean - my wash basket is constantly overflowing with sleepsuits & bibs!! Xo

  2. That is a lovely cardigan and looks so warm..

    I am very jel of your figure. You definitely dont look like you have just had a baby!!! xx


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