Out and About with Alice

Sunday, April 01, 2012

This is officially the first time I have been out and about with Alice. We decided to take her to the park as it was such a nice day out, and I was eager to show her off to everyone I could!

Pushing a buggy about is still a very strange feeling for me! I still feel like I have stolen a baby and I'm sure people are staring at me like I am doing it all wrong. I keep tripping up on the buggy brake too, which doesn't help matters! I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon though... hopefully!

I have to say being out in public with Alice was one of the most daunting experiences of my life! Away from the safety of my house, where no one can see us, I spent most of the day worrying about her waking up and screaming for England! Or throwing up all her milk everywhere! Every time someone came over to see her and ask about her, all I could do was hope she would stay happy and not cry! I guess it takes a little while to feel totally confident with this whole parenting thing. It's funny because before I had Alice I would look at every woman with a pram and assume they were totally on top of everything, but now I realise that just because I have a baby doesn't mean I have morphed into Mary Poppins!

I have a new found respect for women with more than one child! HOW DO THEY DO IT!? Toddlers running off in the distance, screaming babies, 12 year olds demanding ice cream. It actually gives me a slight panic attack thinking about it! Still... give me a few years and I'm sure I will be desperate for more! Haha!



  1. ...desp?

    Haha, I still batter Aidens pram off of kerbs - prams are hard to manoeuvre aren't they?
    I love your outfit - looks perfect for a walk in the sunshine! Xo

    1. Ha ha! I must have been totally distracted and stopped writing mid word! I'm getting the hang of the pram now. Cant wait to go shopping and use it as a basket for the bags! xx

    2. That's what annoys me about my pram - the basket underneath is tiny! Xo

  2. She's gorgeous! What a sweet dress she has! I can imagine it's so daunting with your first child...I'm sure you'll get the hang of it really quickly:)

    Sophie x

  3. She's a little beauty hun :) My boy turned 2 last week - I managed to wheel his buggy straight off a kerb into the road [luckily a very quite one!] a couple of days before, I really ought to have got the hang of it by now! You are looking incredibly good for such a new mama too - talk about pinging back into shape you lucky thing!x


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