So you may have noticed that MY PRETTY MUMMY has had a bit of a make-over! I was getting a little tired of the old look and felt it needed a bit of freshening up! A lot of blogs have the format I was using before and so many blogs were using a polka dot background that I felt I was beginning to blend in with the crowd! I felt it needed more colour and interest and love the new title! Definitely need some more interesting things in the side bars though as there is too much writing, but I will figure it out!

I am also considering jazzing up my outfit posts and making them more interesting, maybe by adding some photos from the day in them. Again, most outfit posts I have seen on other blogs consist of 2 almost identical photos of the same outfit next to each other and then a couple of close ups. I have been doing it for so long I have just got bored of the same thing. So that's another change to be on the look out for!

What do you think of the new look?


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  1. Quite like the new layout, I have also changed my blog around slightly (or a lot, haha.) I like your header, very spring-y :) xo // lizzie


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