Spotty Trousers

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hat: Topshop
Shirt: H&M
Trousers: Next
Lips: Topshop Lip Stick

Couldn't be bothered with make-up today. That's where bright Lip Stick comes in really handy! I knew this Topshop Lip Stick would be a good investment! Took me about 2 minutes to apply this lip stick and some mascara, very handy when you have a baby who is demanding attention all the time! 

Am hating my hair at the moment! So much so, that I'm wearing it up almost every day now which I never normally do. The hat is also helping matters, but I just can't decide what to doooo! That's the problem of having your hair in the same style and same colour for donkeys years, it's hard to break away. Take Heather from Effies Make-up box, her hair has been almost every colour possible and she always looks amazing! I guess you have to experiment with lots of different styles before you find one that suits you, and I guess thats all part of finding your personal style. And as that is partly what I started this blog for, I guess I should be a little braver and go for something new!

I like to think that the summer is almost here, but we all know the British weather has other ideas. I just hope it warms up soon because Alice has so many beautiful summer dresses and they are all being hidden under thick cardigans and jumpers at the moment! Poor Alice. 



  1. love these trousers! Go treat yourself to a nice new hair doo! Its always so refreshing to get it done, you'll feel loads better!


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