Stripes and hats

Monday, April 09, 2012

T-Shirt: Topman
Jeggings: Topshop
Trilby: Topshop

May have stolen this t-shirt from my boyfriend! Oh well, it looks better on me! Ha ha! I have actually been wanting a nice stripy dress for a while now, but they are either too expensive or I just can't find one I like enough! A lot of them are body con and I'm not really a fan of body con dresses for day time wear! So I decided to pinch this t-shirt. In fact, I may just buy one for me so I can wear it whenever I want without having to sneak out of the house in it! Don't actually know how I survived without this hat. It is actually shaping my entire spring/summer wardrobe. Even though the weather is not exactly amazing at the moment, I still refuse to slide back into winter fashion. 

Alice is much better now. And BIG. Looking back at photos of her from a month ago seems like a different baby! She is much less squidgy now too and is crying less. We now have a new problem (just when we get over one hurdle!), which is winding. It's impossible now! At first she was burping for England, but now we are struggling to get even the tiniest one out of her. And I know she has wind because she pulls the funniest little face and starts squirming all over the place. So I don't know who has stolen Alice's burps, but please return them. Now!

I want to go swimming again! I'm so eager to take Alice to a little swimmers class, seeing as she enjoys bath time so much. I have to wait for my 6 week appointment with the doctor, but as soon as I get the all clear I am going to race down to the pool! I was never any good at swimming and I want Alice to learn to swim as soon as possible! I also think it would be quite a nice thing to do together, and something that isnt reliant on the annoying British weather! 



  1. cool nice hat!


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