Topshop Pink Lip Stick in Pink- Review

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I have been a fan of Topshop make up since it's very beginning! Topshop is my favourite shop in the WORLD anyway, so I knew I would like their make up too. The packaging is so cute and all of their products are completely on-trend with colour, so you can rest assured that whatever colour you pick up will be fashionable and up to date.

I had previously picked up a lip marker in a bright pink colour, but was a little disappointed of it's strength. It looked so bright and pink, but when I used it, it was almost like a lip gloss with only a hint of colour, which was more like a stain on my lips. When I saw the Lip Stick in a similar shade of Pink, I thought I would try it, and I wasn't disappointed! It is so bright and I love it! I think lip sticks can feel quite outdated, like something your mum would wear, but Topshop have almost re-branded it to make it cool and young. As it is so bright, you dont have to wear heavy eye make up, which is good news for the time restricted mum... Like me!

I still can't believe I'm a mum! Mental! Sometimes I just stare at Alice in her cot and I can't believe that she is my daughter. It's still so surreal. I suppose when you think about being a mum and having children, you have an idea in your head of what it will be like. But nothing prepares you for what it's actually like! All I know, is that I'm so unbelievably happy to have such a beautiful little girl!



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