Alice's Outfit of the Week

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Alice's Outfit: Tesco Clothing

This week I'm wearing another one of my Tesco Clothing outfits! Mummy loves all the Tesco clothes so much and can't get over how cheap and pretty they all are! I can wear a different top every day of the week! 
This outfit was under £10 and is such a good fit too! Now that I'm getting a big girl, the variety of colours clothing comes in for little girls has stretched beyond the standard pink, and so mummy can experiment with some new exciting colours and see what suits me! I think red and yellow look lovely on me. Oh and I like stripes, just like mummy. I can't wait till I'm bigger and can wear River Island clothing for girls, and then mummy and I can be matching... though I don't think mummy would be too keen on that! Haha!

Moments after this picture was taken, I was a bit sick over the top and so mummy had to change me, and I think she was a bit annoyed because it was the 4th outfit change of the day. And it was only 10am! I think it's mummy's fault for not winding me properly after she fed me all that milk earlier, but I wont tell her that! 



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