Monday, May 28, 2012

Vest Top: River Island
Skirt: Topshop
Blazer: Ebay
Bangles: Miss Selfridge
Nails: Rimmel London Disco Ball

Am loving the weather right now! Woo! This is an outfit I wore yesterday to go shopping. Again, I didn't take Alice, but I was only an hour. That's the good thing about living 15 minutes from Central London, you can take a quick trip up there on the tube and be back super quick! I love living in London, but I do agree with a lot of people who are saying the heat is a little unbearable. I think it't the smog. But there are more advantages than disadvantages about living so close to Central.

I went to the John Lewis on Oxford Street to check out their new beauty department that lots of other bloggers have been raving about. It really is so cool and I shall put the blog post up as soon as possible. I don't know if you've noticed, but my fringe has started to part itself in the middle! I think my hair is rebelling against being pulled and styled in a new position! I shall have to take another trip to the hairdressers and get it re-styled I think... if I can find the time!

Alice has just wriggled herself right across the room on her back (no idea how she does it) and she is so worn out she is actually falling asleep on the floor! Haha! I know it's early days yet but, I cant wait till she can crawl about! 



  1. I love London - I'm so jealous of you! That skirt is gorgeous, perfect for this weather! How is Alice coping in the heat? Xo

  2. Gorgeous outfit, love the blazer and skirt combo. Simple but so chic. Wish I lived that close to london you lucky thing, although I'm sure my bank balance is glad of it haha :o) xx

  3. would love to live in London! lovely skirt by the way :D <3

  4. I love how floral prints get everyone in the mood for summer, your skirt is gorgeous! Can't wait for the post on the JL beauty department, all my London mates have been chatting about it! :)


  5. Not that close. It's half hour at best! You have to get to the tube station first!

  6. I love that skirt, it's so pretty! :) xx

  7. What a sweet, summery skirt. And your hair looks lovely, regardless of the part! ~sending cool, breezy wishes your way~

  8. Wow what a skirt lovely. I like so much and also you looking awesome in it


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