Dear Alice- Week 10

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Dear Alice,

It is so hard to believe that 10 weeks ago today you were just about to come out of my tummy! It feels like you have always been here, and I feel like I have been a mum for my whole life! Before I had you, I had all of these ideas of what it would be like when you were here, and how I would take to being a mum. And it is NOTHING like what I thought! Here are a few things I have learned about being a mum and having a baby:

1. You will never have more than 4 hours sleep in a row. Ever. And even if your baby does miraculously sleep through the night, you will spend those extra few hours worrying that something is wrong! You can't win.

2. Buggies are AMAZING! I don't know how I ever managed to go out without one. They hold your bags, people move out of your way and you can hog a whole row of a Topshop sale rack!

3. Babies fart! And burp! And sneeze! I don't know why this all amazed me, but it really did! I just thought babies were these strange creatures who weren't really humans, but they do all the things adults do, except they make it look cuter.

4. Babies grow FAST. One day their bodysuits will fit perfectly, the next day you can't get their feet in them! I am amazed, and a little sad at how quickly Alice is growing.

5. I talk about poo WAY too much now. I am obsessed with how many Alice is doing on a daily basis, what colour it is, what the texture is. Is she constipated, is it diarreah, does it smell too much. Now I know why mums tend to stick together. Talking about poo all day to your partner is NOT the nicest conversation.

6. I also talk about burping a lot. I didn't realise you had to burp a baby EVERY time you feed them (as I found out at hospital when she projectile vomited al over me and I thought she was dying!) This fact has now created a whole new worry and topic of conversation. How do we get that burp out!

7. When your baby makes that first little sound (Alice's was "agoooo") it is the most magical moment of your life! In fact, any tiny milestone is incredible. Suddenly the fact that you were up from 4am that morning because baby decided it was play time, doesn't matter one bit.

8. Milk is expensive (I am bottle feeding due to complications with the birth), nappies are expensive... and your baby needs a lot of stuff. Especially for such a small little thing!

9. My entire day is an emotional roller-coaster. Tiredness, guilt, happiness, frustration... and endless cycle of ups and downs! It is exhausting!

10. No matter how much she cries, poos, is sick on my new clothes, head butts me at night (not intentionally... I hope!) and screams at me in public... I wouldn't change her for the world!


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  1. Hello beautiful girl! How are you ten weeks old already!? I am 37 weeks today, I always smile when I see your posts, because we move up a week at the same time. I have just three weeks until my due date now, but I think I'm looking at five weeks of waiting. I finish work in two weeks and I can't wait for a few days of rest before I have 4am playtime.

    She's beautiful! I love her fluffy hair! :) xxx

    1. I feel like you've been pregnant forever! (which I know, is not what you want to hear!). But Alice has just grown up so quickly, I don't know where the time has gone. I can't believe you're still working, I was a useless whale lying around eating chocolate all day at 37 weeks! Spend that week sleeping, you will regret it if you don't! Trust me! xxx


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