Dear Alice- Week 11

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dear Alice,

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I have broken another rule from the midwife. I let you sleep with me in the big bed. I let you sleep with the big duvet. I let you try out the pillows! Ok, so it wasn't all night, it was only from 6am to about half 8am. We have had a rough couple of nights miss, mainly because SOMEONE wont sleep!

You have your first cold. Argh! I am such a worried, fussy mother (the kind I never thought I would be). I keep giving you cuddles, and worrying about your blocked up nose, and re-taking your temperature just in case it's up! I hate that I can't really help you that much, other than the usual natural cold remedies. The doctor gave us some drops to unblock your nose when you sleep or feed. And feeding has been all over the place! you only take a couple of ounces of milk every couple of hours, which means you are never really satisfied. And now I think I'M getting a cold too, which would mean we would both be stuffy and snotty.

I had been laying you on your stomach to practice raising your head (which you can almost do), but that's had to stop until you recover! We bought you a new piano toy too, but you only really seem interested in cuddles and sleeping right now. I really hope you feel better soon Alice!



  1. Oh poor wee Alice! Is she old enough for Karvol menthol capsules? You squeez a bit in a hanky & pop it at the top of her bed to help her breathe. Xo

  2. Poor Alice!
    You have instagram?

  3. Get better soon Alice!
    Hope she sleeps better for you soon! xx


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