Dear Alice- Week 12

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dear Alice,

My goodness. 12 weeks old! Time has flown by, it really has. When I first bought you home you were a little chubby, wrinkly baby who barely opened her eyes and spent most of the day with a bottle in her mouth. Now you are a proper little baby! Cooing and crying and kicking and playing. Every day I just know you are learning something knew as your little eyes light up!

I have started a routine. A proper routine! Ok, it's very flexible and we have strayed from it a couple of times, but you really do seem much happier now. Instead of guessing if you're tired or hungry (or both), I can immediately see what you need depending on the time of day and what you did before. You nap in the morning, have a long sleep at lunch and a nap in the afternoon. The bedtime routine is going SO well I am actually shocked! Bath time, milk time, cuddle time and bed. I have started putting you down to sleep before you are actually asleep. The first few times I did this, you SCREAMED. But now you are quite happy to fall asleep by yourself so I am very happy I persevered.

It means I am now concentrating on getting all of your feeds in the day, instead of night time! I had you weighed the other week and you were just over 12 pounds, so needing about 28-30 ounces of milk a day. So 5 bottles at 6 ounces should do it! I have been waking you up at 10pm every night to feed you. When I was "demand feeding" I actually didn't give you a late night feed because you were asleep. This meant you were waking up twice in the night! Now, with the 10pm feed, you only wake once (at 2am) for about 2 ounces of milk and then you sleep right through till 6! Much better for mummy.

In other news, daddy has a new job! A much better one, with much more money! It means we can soon look to buy our own place, which is what we've wanted for ages! Woohoo!



  1. This is just so cute, youre little 'dear alics...' :') xo

  2. Aww she's so adorable , those 12 weeks have gone so fast xx


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