Dear Alice- Week 13

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Alice,

What a little rascal you have become! The other day you wriggled right across the floor on your back and was so exhausted afterwards you fell asleep on the floor! Haha! I did laugh. You are a little chatterbox too, gurgling and cooing all day long. I can't wait till you say your first word (I'm trying to make sure it's mumma by constantly saying it to you!).

Your routine is so much better now. I think I was a bit hasty trying to start it at only 6 weeks. I don't care what the books say, you were far too young for such a structured day and really didn't like being told when to eat and sleep and play. Now that you are a bit more knowing, you are really taking to the routine and you actually prefer your days to be structured. You like to know what's coming next, when you'll be fed and when it's time for bed. It's better for mummy too because I have more of an idea of what is wrong when you cry now, instead of having to go through all the possibilities.

Over tiredness is the worst thing ever. When you are overtired you cry and cry and cry and it takes ages to settle you. I now have 3 structured naps for you. 45 minutes in the morning, 2 hours over lunch and half an hour in the afternoon. Limiting the amount you sleep a day has really helped to improve your night time sleeping as well. You actually slept from 10.30pm till 5am the other day which felt like the biggest lie in mummy has ever had!

Dreading your injections next week. Second dose. Though you barely cried for your first ones and didn't get a temperature or anything. Hoping these ones will be just as easy, though now that you are a bit more aware of the world I think they wont be! I wish they could give you an injection without actually injecting you :(



  1. What a cutie! What age do babies start using words? My nephew is 18 months and he still hasn't said his first word, I'm getting a little worried haha! x

  2. She's so cute! Aidens second jags didn't seem as bad as his first, so hopefully Alice will find them ok! Xo

  3. She is beautiful! I'm sure she'll be fine with her injections, good luck to you both :3
    Alice is a lovely name, even if I do say so myself B) aha
    Such a sweet picture :) xoxo


  4. Aww, so, so cute :).

    Sadie x



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