Dear Alice- Week 9

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Dear Alice,

A picture says a thousand words. And I have 4! 4 smiling little pictures of you. Every time I get woken up in the night by your cry for food, or you do the biggest most stinkiest nappy I have ever seen, these pictures always brighten my mood!

You are so happy now! I'm so glad that I have worked so hard helping you to distinguish night from day because it has really paid off! You are definitely sleeping longer at night, though still waking for a feed at 3am. And in the day, you are such a happy little bunny, always playing and smiling and chatting away!

You are drinking more milk now and doing lots of lovely smelly nappies. But I don't mind because I know it means you are growing up into a big girl. Sometimes when you look at me, I try to see what you will look like when you are older, but I can't see past that baby smile! And though it is a lot of work looking after you, I know that when you are all big I am going to miss your little baby ways so so so so much! I am finally starting to realise why people have more than one child! THEY GROW UP TOO FAST!



  1. Oh look at her! She's such a cutie. I think she's looking more like you, though I'm not sure what her daddy looks like, so that probably sounds ridiculous.

    I'm 36 weeks now and I can't imagine even having a tiny baby, let alone a 9-week old! I think I'll be back at work by the time he's this age, which breaks my heart. But a mum's got to do, what a mum's got to do. :( xxx

    1. You not taking your full mat leave?! Xo

  2. Big smiles! She's adorable! :) xo


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