Dresses to Keep Your Little One the Perfect Temperature

Saturday, May 19, 2012

While there will be many special occasions in your little girl’s childhood, most of the dresses you buy for her will be for everyday wear, which means they need to be able to stand up to all the normal rough and tumble activities children get up to, while providing the necessary freedom of movement needed by every active child. For maximum use, they will also need to cope with the various seasons.

 From toddler to little girl

When looking for toddler and little girl’s dresses try to choose styles that are both functional and in practical colours, remember, they will need to stand up to considerable wear and tear. Also pay attention to length and width; too long or too wide and your little one will be tripping over them as she sits, stands, moves, crawls and plays. Straps are also important; ideally you want to look for straps that are joined together or crisscrossed at the back. In addition to looking untidy, slipping straps can be a hazard, as your child’s arm could become caught in them while climbing, for example, onto a chair and result in a fall.

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As your little one gets older, she will want to start trying to dress herself and ultimately do it all by herself; so look for dresses that are easy to put on. Pull-on dresses, free of buttons and fastenings, are a good choice. Fabrics should always be machine washable.


Dresses and potty training

During the potty training stage, dresses are ideal, they make it much easier for your little one to learn to do it all by herself. Again, it is important that the dress is not too long; at this stage in life, your little one will not have learned to navigate the longer skirt and keep it up and out of the way when using the potty.

 Keeping her the perfect temperature

To get maximum benefit from your little girl’s dresses, select styles that are conducive to layering. During the summer, lighter dresses with straps will help ensure she stays cool as she plays. Towards autumn, as it gets a little cooler, add first a short and then a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath the dress for a little extra warmth. A cardigan or jumper worn over the dress, along with the addition of tights, will suffice as the days become cooler. Also consider yoga pants in lieu of tights; wearing dresses over trousers or jeans is highly fashionable these days and yoga pants are designed to be comfortable and flexible, without hindering movement. Ensure that any long-sleeved dresses and/or tops and jackets have plenty of movement in the arms; children’s wear should never be restrictive.

While a bit of room for layering is necessary in order to ensure your little girl stays the right temperature in all seasons, do not fall into the trap of buying her dresses that are too big. Not only will they be uncomfortable for her to wear, but too big a dress will hinder her freedom of movement, thus interfering with play and creating the potential for accidents.

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