Flamingo Dress

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dress and Coat: Primark
Alice's outfit: Tesco Clothing

Alice wanted to get involved in these pictures! Ha ha! She makes me laugh so much! I take my outfit posts in the spare room (soon to become Alice's nursery!), and I always have Alice behind the camera on her play mat. She spends the whole time just staring at me wondering what on earth I'm doing! So I thought today I would show her. 

My dress and coat are both from Primark and are old season. Needless to say, the weather is horrible, so I had to bring out the coat from the closet. Where is the sun?! I only took Alice for a walk to the shops today. Had a browse, bought some lunch, walked back through the park (not that Alice was awake!). However, if I dont actually get out the house I end up wearing my pyjamas all day and if I do that too many times I start to feel like a recluse! Haha! It is tough when you have a baby though... I would love to see my friends more but it's just not possible. Especially as they all live so far from me :(

I am starting the process of trying to get Alice to skip her night feed. She is now over 12 pounds, taking regular feeds of about 6oz of milk and taking 3 naps a day. When she wakes up at 3am, she only really takes an ounce or two of milk, so I'm convinced she is only waking up out of habit, and not because she is hungry. I'm going to start waking her at about 10pm and making sure she has a whole bottle, then seeing what happens! 



  1. Love the dress! The sun is up here in Scotland (For once!)! Good luck with the nightly feed! Xo

  2. You look lovely as always :) Good luck with the night feeds - getting up once in the night is really good going though as she's still very tiny! Have you joined any baby groups? I made lots of new friends that way - helped me to feel less like a billy no mates and forced me to get out of the house!!x


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