Leather Skirts

Monday, May 14, 2012

Leather Skirt: Primark
Top: Topshop
Jersey Blazer: River Island
Bag: Accessorize

This is the first time I have curled my hair after getting my fringe put in! I was a little worried it would look odd having curly hair and a straight fringe (not that you could really do it any other way...) But I really like it! I love the length of my hair at the moment too. One of the perks of pregnancy for me was that my hair just didn't stop growing! Seriously! It was amazing. And unlike my big belly, something I really dont mind keeping now!

This leather skirt just keeps coming back into my life! What an investment, only £12 from good old Primark. I did start this outfit wearing a normal black skirt, but it just needed the pleated leather to complete it! The only thing I would say about this skirt is that it's not massively comfortable to sit down in. Being from Primark, and only £12 it's obviously faux leather and is a bit stiff and plastic-like. But luckily I was only going shopping with Alice so I didn't need to sit down. Not that I would dare! The good thing about the buggy is that the movement of it seems to settle Alice down a lot. If I stop the buggy, she screams for attention! Like she is now...



  1. I'm so jealous of you hair. I'm trying to grow mine and it doesnt appear to be getting anywhere!!! x

  2. Looking fab! The top is gorgeous!
    Walks in the pram are amazing for getting babies to calm down, aren't they? Xo

  3. love your hair it really suits you! :D xx


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