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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Nails: Models Own Juicy Jules

I went shopping yesterday. WITHOUT ALICE! My mum had her for the afternoon and I have to say, it was very strange being without her, even if it was only for a few hours. I couldn't help but make a few (Ok, a lot!) phonecalls to check up on her. But she was fine and happy and I was greeted by a big smile and a bigger burp when I finally got home.

As I didn't have the pram to push around, I thought I would check out the Models Own pop up shop at Westfields. It is amazing! I am already a fan of Models Own nail polish and I think it's pretty reasonably priced at £5 a pot (as long as you don't buy all of them!). I have been wanting a nice glittery nail polish for ages now and fell in love with their Juicy Jules. It's just the right amount of glitter and would be perfect for layering over coloured polish. I fancied some sparkly nails so used just one coat to get a slightly glittered effect, which I love. But if you use a few coats I think it would look much fuller and glittery-er (made up work... bah). 

I loved shopping without having to push a buggy around and keep stopping to settle the little one, but I have to admit after an hour I did miss Alice! To any mums-to-be/new mums out there, it's good to have a break! I felt so refreshed and calmer when I got back to Alice that I didn't even mind the 2am feed! Although I missed her, I knew she was happy and safe with my mum and it was really nice to spend a couple of hours doing what I wanted to do. Even if I did only end up buying clothes for Alice... 



  1. Hi Emma, I know what you mean about leaving your little one. The first time I left my daughter Gracie I was ringing every half hour! That models own pop up store looks fab, I'm following back x :-)

  2. It is nice to get a break! Love MO - the polish you chose is fab!
    I think it was easier for me to go out without Aiden for the first time (silly uni!) because the day he was born he was transfered to the special care unit - so I went through the separation anxiety then (and I was asking the midwives to phone down and ask about him every five minutes!!) xo

  3. wow, that pop up shop is so cute! I love their polishes! xo


  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog, this pop up shop is my idea of heaven! I love anything to do with nail varnish and I love the glittery colour you have :)



  5. Just by chance I've discovered your blog and I love it!! Love your style and all the posts with Alice in! Just spent so long looking back through loads of your posts! Definitely going to be following you! Love it!! :D x

  6. ohh my goodness that is soo cool! I love models own :)


  7. That place in Westfield it very cool!
    Lovely nail varnish!
    Sara, xoxo

  8. I love models own polish, and this glitter is just so nice! I'll have to have a look next time I'm in boots x


  9. This pop up shop looks awesome! I got my first models own polishes last month and they are my new favourites, this glitter one you got is so nice :) xx


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