Nivea Pearly Shine review

Friday, May 11, 2012

I am always obsessed with having lip balm on me. I get really dry lips, which is probably because I don't drink enough water and constantly have central heating on because I hate being even the slightest bit cold! Now that I have Alice, I have even less time to spend on make-up, so this lip balm is perfect for a quick fix! The balm moisturises your lips as well as leave a pink shine, which hasn't shown up very well in the picture, but is very light pink. Almost like a lip gloss. The only problem is that it doesn't last as long as the plain, original one and you have to re-apply it quite regularly to keep the effect. However, this is little time I do actually have as it's not like I have to stop and look in a mirror to apply it!

Time consuming beauty and fashion tips are quickly becoming an obsession of mine as Alice is beginning to be awake a lot longer in the day and far more demanding. I am of course very excited that she is more aware of things and a lot more fun to play with, but it does leave me with less and less time. And when I am on my own with her in the day, I really do have to be clever with how I spend what little time I do get to myself! Any tips from other mums would be useful!


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  1. Does Alice have a playmat? I just pop Aiden on his and he entertains himself while I get ready. And of course, you can still interact with her as she plays. :) x

    1. Yeah Alice is getting much better at entertaining herself for a bit now which makes life easier! The other day I couldn't work out why she was crying and then I realised she wanted to be put down to play! X


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