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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I just had to share my new photo book with you! I have taken SO MANY pictures of Alice that I really don't know what to do with them all! It seems such a shame to just leave them sitting on my laptop doing nothing, and I am a little worried that I will spill coffee all over the keyboard and lose them all forever. But I have NO time to have a million pictures printed out and stick them all in a beautiful photo album. That's where PhotoBox comes in real handy!

You simply upload your photos to their site (in our private account), and then you can select photos to either have blown up into a frame or wall hanging, or you can create a photo book, which is what I did. They have lots off different designs and themes, or you could just chose a plain coloured book. I loved being really creative with the designs and it was so fun choosing all of the pictures to go on the different pages! I am totally addicted now and will definitely be making another done soon!

The books are very reasonable. For a 26 page book, I paid £32.99! I think this is very worth the money considering the amount of time it saves. And it looks a lot more professional. If you have a million photos stored away on your computer I would suggest using this site! 


  1. That is such a lovely idea! Those photo's are just to cute xx

  2. Easy, but I explained how it works better?
    It is a private account? So your photos are not exposed?
    And you pay for this service and you get the photos printed on the album, or is just on the site?

    I think it would be a cool project. I see a lot around mothers who do not know what to do with the thousands of photos of children, and create a separate blog to tell about what life is like for other mothers or expectant mothers. Post multiple photos there, recounting the moments.
    The cool thing is that you do not spend money, and so in the future could look at his daughter's blog and know how much you loved her.
    What do you think?



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