Rimmel London 500 Disco Ball Nail Polish

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So I love this Rimmel London nail polish! I have been after a glitter nail polish for what feels like ages! I love the Topshop ones, but their make-up is quite expensive really... And Models Own do nice ones, but again, expensive! So when I found Rimmel's nail polish in this glittery shade at only £2.99 I didn't have to think about it! It is filled with blue, green and silver glitter giving it an overall blue look.

I found that I needed about 3 coats to achieve the look I wanted, but actually it looked quite pretty with just one coat. A bit like using clear polish but with a little sparkle to brighten it up. And as for staying power, it's great. I have a terrible habit of picking at my nail polish, but I'm pleased to say that it does take quite a bit of picking to remove the glitter!

When I was pregnant I didn't paint my nails because I wanted a water birth and for that they would have had to check my nails and make sure I didn't have anaemia or anything. As it happens, I did not end up with my original birth plan (read all about it here)! Now I have Alice, I don't really have time to do my nails! But when I get the rare hour to myself, I am determined to look after them a bit better!



  1. Oooo pretty! I love layering my glitter polishes over other colours to freshen it up a bit :)
    I agree; Models own are a bit pricey! Xo


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