Alice's New Books

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I love reading, and I would love Alice to grow up also loving reading! So books were a main priority on the "to buy" list when I was pregnant. I ended up getting some really cute story books, with every intention of reading them to Alice before she goes to sleep. However, the reality of having a baby is that the bedtime routine is already pretty exhausting with bathtime, song time, milk time and cuddles. It is especially exhausting due to the fact that it rarely ends up with Alice actually going to sleep! So stories at bedtime are a little rare at the moment.

I still wanted Alice to be around books, even if she can't read herself, as I think it really encourages curiosity as children grow. These books, which I purchased on Amazon are so perfect for babies under or over three months. babies love looking at bold images and patterns. Scientifically, it's because staring at repeating patterns and bold shapes encourages synaptic connections to form in their brains... blah blah blah. Basically, they love them!

These books are soft and have a lovely texture for baby to explore as well. I love standing them up around Alice's play mat to give her something extra exciting to see. They keep her so entertained that I find her occupied for much longer by herself, giving me time to have a nice cup of tea! It is important to give your young baby time to play alone on their playmats in the day, because this is how they learn to entertain themselves and spend time alone!

These books are great and I definitely recommend them!


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  1. Does England have a Book Trust initiative? In Scotland, every child gets a tote bag with 3 books, a cd and info for parents in it , which I think is a fabulous idea! Though Aiden loves to chew his books :/
    I think a great time to read to Aiden is after he's been fed and burped, when hea still calm and content. 😊
    I love those pictures of Alice! She's just adorable! The picture of her holding it just says " mum, you gonna read me this, or am I going to have to do it myself?" lol. Xxo

  2. Awww she's soo gorgeous! You're so lucky :) the books look like a lovely idea! You have no idea how broody I am now haha :) xxx


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