A day in the life of Alice!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I have been rattling on about wanting Alice to be in a good routine so that I kn ow what I'm doing with my life. As it happens, Alice seems to have settled herself into a pretty good routine!

6.30: Alice always wakes up at this time, but she is fairly happy to chat to herself for a little longer. Notice how she is in my bed!

7am: Now she is hungry. She will usually take a whole 6 oz in the morning!

8am: After changing and dressing her, she is ready to play by 8am. I usually spend this time getting breakfast and having a quick shower!

8.30: By this time, Alice is tired. She's been up for 2 hours and needs her morning nap.

9.15: We're awake again! Nappy change time!

10 am: Alice is hungry again. Another bottle, though she will probably only take about 4 oz this time.

10.45: Cuddles with mummy! And another nappy change usually!

11.30: I try to take Alice for a walk every day (unless its hail stoning like today!) She usually falls asleep on the way home!

12.15: Alice usually wakes up when I take her out the pram, so I pop her in her swing to help her nod off again. When she is asleep I move her to her cot for her lunch time nap!

1.30-2pm ish: Alice wakes around this time. Another bottle, another 6 oz!

3pm: Play time again! Somewhere in all this nap timing I have had my lunch, but I usually sit with her and put on a film, or do some blogging while she plays on her mat!

5pm: Daddy's home! Mummy gets a break and daddy plays with Alice!

6pm: The start of the bedtime routine! Bath time!

6.15 pm: Bath time- pyjamas- bottle of milk (6 oz)- story and...

6.45pm: BED. Oh. Your still awake. Now what do I do?! Lol. She is actually very good at going to sleep at around 7.15. I try to leave her as much as I can to get her used to falling asleep by herself. It's hard work, but it is paying off! It used to take me 2 hour to get her to sleep. Now it take between 15 minutes and half an hour.

10pm: Sometimes I do let her sleep till longer, but it should really be 10. Wake up Alice! Nappy change, bottle of milk and back to bed.

11pm: Ok... she usually goes back to sleep in her cot pretty well. But if she wakes up in the early hours crying, I do sometimes pop her in bed next to me!

We are getting closer and closer to managing to get Alice to sleep "through the night". By that I mean from around 11pm to around 6am. Sometimes Alice just wont take all her milk in the day, no matter what I do, so I do end up feeding her at around 3.30am. Hopefully she will start skipping this feed sooner rather than later...!



  1. Such lovely pictures! Its nice to know other Mums routines. It makes me sad that my Gracie is A toddler now, I loved her being a baby and everything that went with it. It's so important to enjoy every day as it goes so quickly x :-)

  2. LOVE the pictures with a timeline!


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