Dear Alice: Week 14

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dear Alice,

This week you have been very busy practising your rolling and kicking! You are becoming very good at rolling yourself onto your side and sometimes onto your front too! You can hold your head up a little when you're on your front and you are just so impatient to sit up! Kicking your feet right up into the air and trying to eat your hands are your two new favourite hobbies.

You are drinking much more milk now, nearly 7 ounces a time! And finally you have dropped your night feed, which both mummy and daddy are very happy about. It took about 2 weeks of working on a good routine, making sure you drank more milk in the daytime and persevering with boiled water and trying to settle you back to sleep, but it has finally worked. You haven't needed milk in the night for 3 nights in a row now and I am fairly confident you won't need it again! Hello 7 hours sleep (8 if we're lucky)! Woohoo!

In other news, daddy has got himself a much better paid job which means we can begin working on your nursery now! At the moment, the spare room has just been painted a light pink and I have a few pictures waiting to be put up. Now we can really work on it so that when you're ready to, you can sleep in your own little room!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! You have grown out of all of your 0-3 month clothes now so another shopping trip is needed I think. Can't resist buying some cute baby shoes, even though you can't walk yet. They are just too adorable to resist any longer! Summer hats, a new coat and some proper pyjamas are also on the list. Have I mentioned how happy i am to have a baby girl?!!



  1. She's growing up so fast, and is so so cute ♥

  2. She is adorable- I just found your blog via Hello Cotton so thought I would say hi as it is very pretty!


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