Dear Alice- Week 15

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Alice,

I'm sooooooooorrrrrryyyyyyy! I am so sorry I let that mean old nurse give you those two injections! It was for your own good, even though you could never understand that now. My goodness you screamed. You screamed all the way home until I eventually managed to calm you down with a good old bottle of milk!

Talking of milk, you are becoming a right diva about the temperature! It can;t be too cold, it can't be too hot. It has to be just prefect of else you will NOT drink it. This is definitely causing mummy more stress as it takes me twice as long to make you a bottle. However, you are drinking more, especially as I have moved you up to the number 2 teats now, and you are officially skipping the night feed. You don't always sleep right through, but I am very happy to not have to make you up milk in the middle of the night anymore! I consider myself very lucky.

You still haven't rolled over, but you have started making the sweetest little "cat noises". Haha! They are high pitched and very cute. I can't wait until you start saying mummy (or mumumumumum as I've heard it starts). Wow, 15 weeks! I'm so excited to see you grow up, even if it all seems to be happening so fast :(



  1. Aidens the same with milk! His cousin however, who is 6 months, will take it any temp! (However, his mum made the mistake of warming his baby jar and now he NEVER takes it cool! Lol)
    Can't believe Alice is 15 weeks already! Xo

  2. so cute!!! and i love your nails in the last post!


  3. Ohhhhhhhh that pic is really really lovely!!!

  4. oh Alice is the cutest, I have just been reading your posts from when she was born to now. So beautiful. Thank you for your comment. I love your blog too and am now following..... even if it is making me very broody xx


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