Dear Alice- Week 17

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Alice,

This week has been a challenge to say the least! You have started teething (noooooo!) and are struggling to drink your bottles unless they are cooled right down. You have screamed, shouted, cried and pulled my hair. Whoever said having a baby would be hard work was spot on!

However, you also laughed for the first time this week! (You can see Alice's first laugh HERE). It was by far the best day of my LIFE! Now you laugh nearly every day and I'm having so much fin finding new ways to make you giggle and smiled. You are getting so good at sitting up and turning over. I don't think it'll be long before you are on the move! Can't wait to see you crawling across the living room floor!

You have been sleeping through the night for nearly a month now, which is great for me and daddy! The thing is, recently you have been drink LOTS more milk, and I have a feeling you will need weaning a little earlier than 6 months. So yesterday I tried you will a little Aptimal Porridge, and you loved it! A great big smile spread across your face as you guzzled it all down (well, about 2 teaspoons anyway!)

You are also getting so long. Seriously, nothing fits you anymore. So mummy is on the hunt for new clothes. H&M seem to do a good size as they start from 4 months. and the length seems to work on you. You hate anything that restricts you from kicking your legs in the air and having a good wiggle, so vests with poppers round your nappy are a no no!

In two weeks time we start baby swimmers and Jingle babies! It's time to get you out and about and mingling with other little bubbas! Please please please don't pull their hair and headbutt them like you do to mummy...



  1. She's so sweet - love the photo! Xo

  2. I just love reading your blog, so nice to just see the stages of your baby! she's so lovely!!

  3. She's growing up so quick, and definitely growing more adorable every post!

  4. Aww, she looks like such a little boss!


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