Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So it's my last ever Glossy Box review. As much as I enjoy receiving these boxes of goodies, I just can't justify the price. I have found that a lot of the items I have received have just been left unused because they either don't appeal to me or I just haven't bothered using them!

In my Glossy box this month I got:

Serie Exclusiv pro Beauty Brush: This brush is super soft and I started using it straight away. However, I found that it started to lose it's shape very quickly and some of the bristles started coming out after only a couple of uses :(

Mini Mascara ultra volume Sexy Pulp: I love new mascara and this one was actually really good. However, O am in love with my new Rimmel London Max Volume Flash mascara, and it will take a LOT to tear me away from it!

Summer Warmth Bronzer: Yay! I LOVE bronzer! This was my favourite product in the box. Perfect colour, perfect application. What can I say? I love it!

Agent Provocateur fragrances: I love these perfumes, they are each so sweet and fresh smelling. However, again they are a little 'old' smelling for my liking and I much prefer the younger perfumes (Very Wang Preppy Princess, Lacoste Touch of Pink)

Dermablend Ultra Corrective Foundation Cream Stick: This wasn't a stick, it was a little envelope with some of the product in little pouches. Of course it covers amazingly well, and the colour actually matched very well (I normally use an Ivory or Beige Foundation and concealer). However, I don't normally use a massive amount of coverage on my face as I have pretty good skin (I hope) and I don't like to wear a lot of make-up. I'm not sure I would really use this again...

There you have it! My last ever Glossy Box review. It's been great Glossy Box, but I just can't justify the money anymore. I'll have to spend it on some more shoes for Alice... Hahaha!



  1. It seems glossybox are losing a lot of their clientele judging from other blogs. I could never have justified spending on it at all, it's a nice idea but I'd rather spend my money on things I'd use! Xo

  2. I'm the same - I've enjoyed the surprise element of glossybox, but I dont think they pay enough attention to the beauty profiles we all had to fill in as I'm always receiving things in shades that are useless to me etc.
    Plus I've recently subscribed to She Said Beauty and I'm finding their boxes much better, and a little cheaper!, so I think I'll be cancelling too!


  3. Glossybox has a great concept, but that's all, in my opinion they are overpriced. You can get testers in stores for free and the ones you really need and are thinking of using in future.

    xx Brigita


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