Monday, June 11, 2012

When I started this blog, I intended it to be simply a collection of random thoughts and posts on things that interested me such as make-up, fashion, babies... I didn't really expect anyone to read it and I certainly didn't expect anyone to follow it. But it has exceeded my expectations completely and I can't believe the amount of readers I get each day! I have never really placed an emphasis on how many followers I have (which is why I don't display it on my 'follow' button), but in the 6 months I have had this blog I have reached a number I am so proud of!

I think it's time that My Pretty Mummy had a little more direction. I realise that my posts are a bit sporadic and random and it's hard to know what to post next, if you know what I mean? I thought about the blogs I love reading and what they have in common. They are all very focussed on their niche, whether it is fashion, beauty, being a mummy or home decor (I read a LOT of blogs).

I have been looking back at my own posts trying to see which ones did well, but I have to say I'm a little lost. So I thought I would ask you instead!

What posts do you enjoy reading most? And what would you like to see more/less of on My Pretty Mummy?



  1. first time on your blog and having looked up the previous posts,i have to say i like the posts you make,having different things and issues is what i like more and you do!

  2. I quite enjoy the sporadic nature of your posts (but maybe I'm biased because mine is much the same...?)I, like you, have a child but still love fashion and home decor etc so it's nice to read about different aspects of someone's life. xx

  3. I love reading about the day-to-day, I love to share experiences and love reading them. I love the way you talk about his joy of being a mother is very spontaneous. I as a reader of blogs, I love that side of them, because it is a more personal side, more authentic. The part is really cool fashion, opens new horizons, but nothing compared to something that only you have to share. Sharing a story with you .. once a woman who wrote about fashion, and pregnant experience was so good that it kept two blogs, one where I filled it about your daily life, funny situations with her daughter and another on fashion / news. Everyone loved it, because it kept two servants, the young with its fashion hungry audience and another adult. His blog followers increased and she loved it. He made many friends. I hope you find something that it is appropriate for you!


  4. I love your blog the way it is, your sense of style is lovely so the fashion related posts are great as well as the make-up ones and the ones of Alice are so adorable and give it variety! I say carry on the way you are. :) x

  5. I love all aspects of your blog -Dear Alice and outfit posts especially. I thought there was a kind of order to your blog anyway? Xo

  6. Go for the sporadic I say. Maybe that's your niche?!

  7. I really like that there's a nice variety to your blogging. I'm also a Mum do I like to read your
    posts about Alice, but I also really like your beauty posts. I'd suggest, ignore it's my broke when don't fix it x :-)

  8. I love all the posts but especially the Dear Alice posts as they're so cute and touching.
    I'm expecting a baby soon and find your blog so refreshing and inspiring as you make it look possible to be a mum but also young and trendy!

  9. I like the Alice posts as my baby is very close to being the same age as yours.....I also like the mix of different posts, I think it's great the way it is!

  10. Ditto. I like the randomness. Every time I come to the blog I never know what I'm going to get! Keep it up ;) x


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