My New Blazer!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Jacket: Republic
Top: Dotty P
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt: Primark
Nail Polish: Rimmel London 
Eyelashes: Beautyy

I bought this blazer a few weeks ago from Republic. It's quite lightweight and perfect for days when it's warm, but there's a slightly cooler breeze! It has shoulder pads too, which I actually really like! It gives it such a nicely structured-without-being-tooooo-structured look. Am definitely not a big fan of the androgynous trend (women in men's clothing), all with the exception of blazers. I love dressing girly and wearing skirts and dresses. Jeans are my enemy! 

Thanks so much for all the support on my blog! It seems like all of a sudden I've gained lots of new followers and have started receiving so many lovely comments! One of the things I love about having a blog is the support you get from fellow bloggers! It's such a nice community and I'm so glad to be part of it. By the way, if you comment on my blog, 99% pf the time I will automatically check out your blog too, even if I don't make a comment. I follow lots of blogs and regularly check out posts, but I just don't always get the time to comment on them (Blame the baby, blame the baby!- new favourite saying).

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  1. It's such a lovely colour as well! I'm not normally a fan on shoulder pads but it suits this jacket & your shape! :) Xo


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