Primark Skirt

Monday, June 11, 2012

Top: Topshop
Skirt: Primark
Tights: M&S
Nails: Boots No. 17 and Models Own Juicy Jules

Love love love this skirt from Primark! The midi skirt is so popular right now, I've seen so many people wearing them! Lots of people wear them with a pretty bralet or crop top, but I went for this ruffled peach top from Topshop. Tights as well, unfortunately (thanks British weather... grr). The lighting is also pretty bad in these photos, it was thunder and lightening outside and went so dark as soon as I started taking them! I hate having to adjust the lighting and colour on photos because I feel they distort the look of the clothes and don't give a realistic shot of what I wore. Oh well...

You may notice the background is pink! This is because the spare room is recently being transformed into Alice's nursery! We are not moving her in properly till she is a bit older, but I want to start putting her in it for nap time to slowly get her used to it. I want to take my time decorating it and be a bit original! Give Alice a room to be proud of!

Alice had her injections last week and it was HORRIBLE. She cried so much and I couldn't stand it. I felt like such a horrible mother, even though I knew it was for her own good. She has to have her third and final injections (for 12 months anyway) in 4 weeks time. Can't wait for them to be over. 



  1. I love your nails! Poor Alice! Aiden has his third lot tomorrow. It's been quite lucky that all 3 jags have fallen On Gary's day off so Aiden gets hugs from both of us! Xo

    1. Thanks!
      That is lucky, I've been going on my own :( Last time she was looking up at me and smiling just before the nurse put the needle in her leg. She just gave me the most heartbreaking look... I hate them! x

  2. wow, primark can be so good sometimes! that skirt is so pretty! As are you my dear! Aw bless alice, jabs are awful! And greta idea on the day naps in her room, i did it with neo and we had no problems when he went in at 5 and half months! :)x

  3. Thanks for your comment!!! :)
    You have a very cute blog and an adorable baby!!!! :)
    Love your nail colour!!

  4. loving everything about this look! even your nails are looking super pretty! xx

  5. great matching of colors. love this look!

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  6. Your skirt is beautiful, I love it!

  7. OMG that skirt is so pretty! super cute outfit :)

  8. This is so cute :)
    your blog is adorable :)


  9. You have such a cute style! Love that skirt, and love your nail colour.

    Your little girl is absolutely adorable!!!

    <3 Jenny


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