Alice's Weekly Video Update!

Sunday, July 01, 2012


  1. Aiden watched this video and was absolutley fascinated by Alice!
    How do. You put her down for naps? Is it solely in her cot? I ask because Aiden will NOT nap in his bed, but can get two very decent naps in his buggy. Obviously babies nod off during walks but even just popping him in his buggy & rocking him a bit in the living room will send him off. Or maybe the room is too light for Alice to sleep in, in which case it would be worth investing in a blackout blind?
    Good luck with the weaning!! Xo

  2. Ahh Alice is so adorable. Stripy and Spotty, too cute!

  3. i loved watching that video! So sweet. What a lovely mummy you are! Plus now you've made me broody!;)xx


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