Dear Alice- Week 19

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Alice,

Well this week has been a week full of firsts for you. Your biggest achievement was rolling over for the first time (without any help!). Mummy was SO PROUD of you and literally screamed when you did it. However, you can only roll one way and so when you are bored of being on your front, you start screaming at mummy to turn you back over! So even though I am so so proud of you for rolling over, it would be very nice if you could learn to roll back again so mummy's back can have a rest!

You love food! Your favourite foods so far are banana porridge, rusk soaked in milk and potato and parsnips! In fact, the only food I have tried you with that you have hated has been the Aptimal Porridge, which is actually designed for first weaning. Typical! I did worry when I started you on food that I was starting a little too soon. The guidelines say to wait for 6 months, but you were finishing 7oz bottles and looking for more food, and instinct told me you were ready for more! When I first started you on the rusks, your milk intake dropped a little... but now you are back up to your usual amount of milk plus the extra food. And you are so much happier!

 I've been a little too scared to say this in case I jinx it but, you've been sleeping through the night! Literally from half 6pm to half 6am! I still go in at 10 and see if you want food, but usually you refuse it, and if you don't you only take about an ounce and barely wake up. This means mummy has been getting lots more sleep, even though I'm up early every day. To be honest, I would rather get up early and have some time to myself in the evening in exchange for a couple more hours in bed! I think I've had my fair share of lie-ins from when I was a student anyway!



  1. Banana porridge is Aidens fave too - and he is having parsnips and potatoes for his lunch just now!
    Well done on rolling Alice, you clever girly! Won't be long before youre crawling! Xo

  2. Ahh yay well done on the rolling - I remember the rolling one way well, sorry to tell you my boy never learnt to roll back, it was a long few months til he learnt to crawl!!! Well done on the sleeping too that's fantastic, what a clever little lady :) x


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