Dear Alice- Week 20

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Alice,

This week has been so great! We have been very busy going out and about, sorting out your new wardrobe and cot and practising your rolling over. I have signed you up for Jingglers baby club where they sing songs and read stories, baby swimming and baby story time ( basically where mums drink coffee and babies stare confused!) Yep. Mummy is BORED. Baby is BORED. We need to get out!

I love being a mum to you, I love seeing you smile and laugh every day and watching you grow up. But up till now, it really has just been the two of us. I think we need to get out and meet some baby friends and mummy friends. You are also getting so knowing now and I think you need more stimulation to keep your brain working!

Bedtime is back to it's nice normal routine... yay! I have to say, I don't enjoy these growth spurts very much. but it is nice to know you are growing nicely and doing all the usual funny baby things (Cooing, sticking your tongue out at me, laughing, rolling over).

I do love you little monster.



  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!

    Sophie x

  2. Gorgeous girl, I can't believe how quickly she seems to be growing up!x

  3. Such a lovely picture of you both :) x


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