Dear Alice- Week 21

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Alice,

You are 21 weeks old and you have cut your first tooth! You were teething with no sign of teeth for what felt like weeks, which meant lots of crying, red cheeks and nappy rashes. Imagine my surprise when you went to chew my fingers and suddenly bit into me really hard! I am so proud and amazed I could cry. Everyone warns you about the stresses of teething, the screaming the getting up in the night. but they don't tell you just how happy and proud you will feel when your baby cuts her first tooth! Definitely worth the stress.

Weaning is going really well. I introduced you to carrots today, which you weren't so sure about. Bananas mixed with peach is a favourite of yours. You are now on 3 meals a day (3 small meals, just a few spoons), and are very happy about it! I love feeding you and watching your face turn from confusion, to joy, to anger when you've had enough and mummy can't take the hint!

Pretty soon you will be walking about, eating too much chocolate and talking non stop. Time goes too quickly :(



  1. Can't believe how big she's getting! Shes gorgeous! Xo


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