Flowers and Trilbys

Monday, July 02, 2012

Top: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Hat: Topshop
Flower Headband: Amazon
Eyelashes: Beautyy

I bought these jeans the other day from Topshop because I realised I have absolutely no trousers, jeans or leggings in any colours but blue or black. I know, WHAT?! It's true. I decided to go for it and get some pinky/peachy (I don't know what colour they actually are) jeans. They are super soft and super skinny, which I love. The only thing is, I am an odd size at the moment. Before having Alice I was a size 8, done. Simple. After I had Alice I was a size 12, then I went down to a 10. Now, I'm not quite an 8, not quite a 10. I think I must be a 9! (This size does not exist btw). Size 10 is just slightly too baggy, but with all the running round after Alice I would rather not have too tight fitting! 

My weekend was good. It was my nans birthday and lots of family were around. Alice's routine was a little disrupted, which I guess is the bad thing about having such a strict routine. I said in my video yesterday (Have a peek here), that Alice wasn't napping anymore. I have just had NO routine with her in the daytime for naps. I feed her a specific times, put her to bed at a certain time, but as for naps, I tend to just put her down when she's tired. But it's just so hard because I want to start taking her swimming and stuff so I would like to know when she needs a nap in advance. I'm working on a routine now though, which is very hard work! Shall keep you updated! 



  1. I love everything about your outfit - so cute!

  2. Your hair is looking lovely :)
    It's a bit of a nuisance when routines get disrupted - but if it's only for a day or two it shouldn't upset Alice much! Xo

  3. Love the colour of your jeans - are they the Leigh ones? I'm pretty sure I've tried them on but daren't get them - 2 year olds are very messy and I can guarantee they'd end up covered in stains within 5 minutes! Love your Alice video updates btw they're so cute, and will be lovely to look back on. I really can't remember what my little fella was like as a baby and wish I'd done something similar myself x

  4. The jeans are lovely, I'm torn between getting some similar or in a mint green colour.

    I started my blog yesterday, would you have time to take a look?


  5. oh so sweet, these colors and floral pattern are perfect for you.


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