Tuesday, July 03, 2012

So the other week I went to get my hair re-done! I originally just wanted to get my fringe cut back in, but ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money on getting it dyed and cut and blow-dried! Now I know I am a little late on the band wagon, but I decided to go for some ombre hair! I have been bleaching my hair blonde for what feels like a lifetime, and was looking to go a little darker anyway to give my hair a well needed break. However, I wasn't quite ready to completely let go of that bleach, so ombre seemed the way to go. 

I chose a slightly auborn shade of light brown for the darker section as the stylist seemed to think this would work better with my skin tone. He then went on the back comb the hair where the ombre was going to start, and put the darker dye over the top so that it blended in to the bleach blonde nicely. I know a lot of people home dye their ombre hair, but I really didn't want that block colour look. This way the ombre is a lot more subtle and looks a little more natural too. 

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't enjoy making chit chat with hairdressers?! I don't know why, but I just hate talking in a hairdressers! I always feel so rude and just read a magazine and play with my phone... something about those places makes me feel so unsociable! 



  1. It really suits you! :) and yes, I hate talking I hairdressers because I can never hear what they are saying so I feel very rude as I can't answer them! Xo

  2. It looks lovely - your fringe always looks so nice too, I wish my hair would go like that! I hate hairdresser chat too - I've found a bloke to do my hair who's really good & hardly speaks, win win!x

  3. Looks lovely, really natural as you say! You're not alone, I've been to the hairdresser today, I also don't like talking, I find it really awkward and never know what to say, so end up saying nothing!

    Ellie x


  4. It looks lovely!! Really subtle and natural! :) Luckily my hairdresser is also my best friend so the chatting is never a problem cos neither of us feel awkward but before she qualified and I went to a salon I used to hate talking to hairdressers!! x


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