Routine of a 4 month old

Sunday, July 22, 2012

LOL- Just made me laugh so had to post it!

Alice's routine

6.45am- Wake up in bed with mummy and daddy. Mummy changes my nappy.

7-7.40am- I drink 7oz of milk. Yum. Then have a kick on my play mat.

8-8.20am- Nap time. I normally sleep for about 45 minutes, depending on how well I slept last night!

10am- Mummy washes and dresses me. Change of nappy.

11/11.30am- I drink 7oz of milk and then have a bit of banana porridge

11.30am/12pm- Mummy changes my nappy again and puts me down to sleep in my room. I normally sleep for about an hour. Mummy has lunch and gets the afternoon bottles ready.

12.30/1pm- Change of nappy, kick on my play mat. Mummy takes me out for an outing.

2.30pm- We get back and I kick about on my mat again.

3/3.30pm- Milk time! Anything between 5-7oz depending on how hungry I am!

4.30- Another nap, only about half an hour though.

5.15- Diner time! Mummy normally feeds me a rusk in some milk, or some mashed up veg now. 

5.40- Mummy lets me kick about without my nappy on while she prepares bath time.

6pm- Bath then changed for bed and put down in my cot. Mummy reads me a story now. 

6.30- Mummy feeds me 7oz of milk and puts me in my cot. 

7pm- zzzzzzz

10.30pm- Mummy comes in and changes my nappy. The she sees if I want any more milk. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. 


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