Summer Dress

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dress: Topshop
Trilby Hat: Topshop

So sorry for some of the lack of posts from last week! It was just one of those weeks where baby took over every single second of my life! Hence the fact that I am wearing such a lovely summer dress and the sun is out, when in fact it has been raining non stop for about 4 days! But I love these pictures too much not to publish! (Even though some of them didn't really come out that well...)

I'm beginning to find it harder and harder to find things to wear that Alice won't pull down or undo! She has such a strong grip and has become a right little rascal! She won't stop laughing and smiling, which makes all the screaming over her teeth so much better to handle. Well... sort of! haha! Now that she has a proper nap time again I can actually take some photos and work on my blog a little more. In fact, I started a Facebook page which you can join here if you like! I'm pretty amazed at how quickly some of you found me there, maybe I should have started it a little sooner! 

I want SO many new clothes, but baby needs come first. I just had to buy Alice a new cot because the cheap space/money saving one I bought her which was meant to last a year, has lasted a measly 4 months! Went a bit over board on baby clothes the other day too, but I would rather spend money on Alice than myself to be honest. And baby shopping is so much more fun! 



  1. You look lovely as always! Rubbish about the cot - can you sell the old one on eBay to get some pennies to treat yourself? I've just pulled our cot out from the cellar to discover the wood has rotted - gutted, these babies cost some serious money!x

  2. You looks wonderful and your hair is pretty radical!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  3. such a stunning dress and I love you pink dip dyed hair :)

    Jo. x

  4. The dress looks so pretty on you!


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