That Topshop Dress

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dress: Topshop
Denim jacket: Topshop
Trilby: Topshop
Purple hair: Colorbug

I'm so sorry for the laziness of not writing a post for my outfits recently! Been pretty busy with Alice and it's becoming a little harder to keep up with the posting. I have been feeling a little disheartened with my blog as well, so I spent some time jazzing it up a bit and I think I am finally feeling happier with it's look. When I first started blogging, I was very influenced by other blogs that I read and consequently my blog took a less original look and was in danger of blending into the background. I think it's important to be yourself when you blog and not just follow the crowd, but I do admit to getting a bit of blog-envy sometimes... 

I had the worst headache yesterday! It really made me worry about what I would do if I got sick?! Who would look after Alice, how would I cope, what if she was teething all day and crying her little head off?! When I was pregnant I used to ask the midwife what I was supposed to do if I needed the toilet in the day... should I just leave the baby in her cot, or take her with me? I never actually got a straight answer, I think they assumed I was joking, but it was a serious question! These are the sort of questions that go round my head all day! Haha!



  1. The toilet question occurred to me too! I just leave him on his mat or in his buggy playing with a toy. Which makes perfect sense now but not back then -LEAVE your baby?! How very dare I! Lol
    I've had the cold - and just had to grin n bear it and try to do my best keeping him entertained while keeping a distance. Aiden has a cold this week though and both myself and Gary can feel it coming on so no doubt I'll be suffering next week!
    I would suggest stocking up on ALL types of drugs to tackle colds - lemsips and nasal sprays are a must for me!
    And back to the outfit - that is such a lovely dress, I'm jealous you have the weather for outside photos! Xxo

  2. You look lovely in these photos, the topshop dress is such a lovely colour.

    Jo. x


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