Why I Love Mini Boden!

Saturday, July 07, 2012

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 I am aware that I now own pretty much the whole of the 2012 Spring/Summer Mini Boden collection! I am just obsessed with their cute, beautiful, fun patterns and colours as well as their amazing attention to detail. I have found their sizing to be spot on and the quality of the clothing to be incredible.

Baby clothes have evolved over recent years to become somewhat "miniature adult" clothing. I'm fine with the odd "I love my mummy" written across a bib, but when it comes to baby clothes, I really do love cuteness, pretty patterns and sweet little motifs. I mean, why would you want your 4 month old to dress like a 14 year old? Dressing in pretty little clothes with cute little bunnies everywhere is a part of childhood, isn't it? How else are we going to embarrass our grown up children by showing them pictures of them dressed as a pumpkin at halloween?!

Mini Boden clothes are by far the best quality I have encountered. Considering every item of clothing you own for baby will be washed 1 million times, you need a strong fabric which doesn't shrink, rip, stretch or lose its colour. AND THEIR SO CUTE!!


These opinions are my own. I have no affiliation with Mini Boden and was not sponsored to publish this post. I genuinely LOVE Mini Boden and think every baby in the world should be dressed in their clothing! However, if Mini Boden want to send me their entire Winter collection for free, I would have no objection. Haha! www.miniboden.co.uk/ 


  1. My sentiments exactly - I hate how next have children's clothes that look so similar to what they sell in the women's section! It's not right, wee girls are supposed to be cute little princesses! Xo

  2. I agree with the comment above. Don't Next have a section that goes from aged 3 to 16 or something?! Surely those two ages should not be dressing alike? The first item of clothing I bought when I found out I was pregnant and having a girl was an outfit from Mini Boden. I love it. Mainly have to buy it from ebay though...xx

  3. Their clothes look adorable. I agree, why would you want a 4 month old wearing a fringed crop top and denim short shorts. Cute bunnies, flowers and animals all the way!


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