Alice's outfit- Mini Boden!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Today I am wearing my Mini Boden Dungarees! What I love about these (aside from the beautiful floral print) is the fact they are super soft! Unlike other dungarees I have which can be restricting and rough on my skin, this material is perfect for practising my kicking and rolling. It is stretchy too which means it can fit nicely over my nappy and allow me full leg stretching technique!

I think the bright print is beautiful and the blue buttons match my blue eyes nicely! Mummy is very jealous of my bright blue eyes and even though she tells me how pretty I am, I know she's secretly wishing she had bright blue eyes too. Well tough mummy. I'm the pretty one now. So there! Now where's my milk?



  1. Aww she looks adorable! :)x

  2. She's so cute! Love the outfit.

  3. I know this sounds odd but I love babies feet, they're so little and soft!

    Sarah xx

  4. She's such a little cutie!! Love your blog, I'm definitely just about to click follow!! Xx

  5. Such a gorgeous outfit! She is a beauty xx

  6. We Love Boden, fantastic quality and so much fun.

    Missy (Neveradullmoment)


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