Boucle Jacket

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coat: Asos
Dress: Topshop
Leggings: Romwe
Shoes: Topshop
Sunglasses: Rayban

After seeing one of my favourite bloggers Olivia from What Olivia Did wearing this Boucle coat, I have been absolutely in love with it! So when I saw it in the sale, I knew I had to have it! It is so pretty, with contrasting collar and pocket and interwoven metallic threads. It is lightweight and just perfect for the autumn when it's not quite chilly enough for a winter coat. I would recommend everyone to buy this coat! It's too pretty to miss! 

Alice woke up at 4am last night and was wide awake and wanting to get up! Its the first time in ages this has happened and I have to say, it was a bit of a shock to the system. I'm not sure what made her so awake? Maybe she was hungry or too cold or something. Anyway, we shall see what happens tonight! Hopefully she will have a nice long lay in because it's a Saturday tomorrow... hahaha! I wish! 



  1. I love the pop of neon detail, it really sets this coat apart from the rest!
    Urgh, I hate it when Aiden thinks its playtime in the middle of the night - I end up rocking him in his buggy for ages! I think I'm going to invest in wrist weights so I can tone up my arms ;) xo

  2. Gorgeous jacket!!

    You look well good for someone who has been up since 4am!
    Your daughter is so cute. We just found out one our best friends is pregnant. First baby of the group, so we're all getting a bit broody now! If you have any suggestions on good presents I can get her please let me know! I'm crap at stuff like this!

  3. oh I do love a bit of boucle! The cut of this jacket is lovely too x

  4. Love the jacket! The shoes go perfectly with it too!!
    R xo

  5. wow! that jacket is gorgeous! i'd love a new jacket for winter :D x


  6. I LOVE this jacket!! its so in season for this fall too, i especially love the pink kind of color on it, gives it that extra girly twist

  7. That coat is so cute - love the pink accents! You look lovely.

    Katie x

  8. love your pics =) love this outfit!

    welcome to my pretty fashion blog http://frau-eismann.blogspot.com/

  9. that coat is gorgeous!definitely added to my wish list ;)


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