Dear Alice- 22 Weeks

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Dear Alice,

Your tooth is really coming through now! You are biting everyone and I can't help but laugh at your rather aggressive looking face. My goodness, you have an aggressive face sometimes! but I think it means that you are a very determined little baby, and that's ok by me. I am so proud of the fact you have a tooth coming through that I could actually cry! When you smile, I can see it poking through which is just adorable.

What's not adorable is your constant crying and screaming that comes with it all though. I know it's because you are in pain with your tooth, but oh my god! I had no idea a baby could cry so much. And so loudly! And non stop! Arghhhhhhhh! Yesterday you literally screamed for an hour. A whole hour. I didn't know what to do, nothing calmed you down. I felt myself getting more and more wound up until I actually thought I was going to cry myself. Luckily this time I had my mum there to take you for half an hour or so to calm you donw, which you did. Eventually. But I have to say, it was tough tough tough. No one says motherhood is easy!

You routine is getting better now. You are on 3 meals a day (3 very small meals with lots of milk in between) and 3 naps now. I always thought a baby would just nap when they were tired, but you dont! In fact, it's taken me about 2 weeks to encourage you to take a couple of naps in the day, which are really needed. Now that you are rolling over all the time you get tired very quickly. And hungry. Oh, and irritable.

I am beginning to realise that the first 2 months of your life were relatively easy! Still... your smile and giggle makes it all worth while! Haha!



  1. I love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine too :) I will definitely follow you! xx

  2. Oh dear! What are you using to help her wee tooth? I just started using neurofen; he takes a mad 1/2 hour then crashes its really weird but it lasts 6 hours, unlike the 4 that calpol does. Heres hoping she gets a break from the pain soon! Xo

  3. ohh god . the baby is so cute :)

    I like your design blog :)
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    I don't force you :)

  4. Look at those beautiful big blue eyes! I just got my first little niece and love her to death I cant imagine how multiplied that is when you have your own baby.

  5. Ahh bless her, hope the teething pain eases up soon - not sure if you will have already tried them but we swore by Ashton & Parsons powders and an amber teething necklace, though apparently the hazelwood ones are even better :) x

  6. omg so cute! I remember when my little cousin had her first tooth coming through, she was the same and wouldn't stop crying. I still thought she was cute though haha:)

    Charlotte xoxo

  7. thanks for your comment!
    love the baby ;)

  8. Hi, im a new follower, she is gorgeous.
    Glad I found your blog, I love finding UK mummies.

  9. she is precious!!! i cant wait to have one of my own :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog -- i'll def be back to watch this pretty girl grow up!!

    want to follow each other?



  10. so so cute!! can't wait to read more! you have a new blog follower in me! check mine out? http://brightbrightdays.blogspot.com/

  11. Aw she is so so so cute!!! I am a new follower and so far i love your blog :) xx

  12. ahh your baby is PRECIOUS! she's so cute i'm actually dying haha
    LOVE your blog, i'm definitely following :)


  13. lovely Alice happy 22 weeks!!!!!!!!
    Kisses from Italy!

  14. she is so beautiful! It gets more exciting as the months go by, so enjoy!!

  15. Take care of her! She is such a sweet baby.


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