Dear Alice- Week 23

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dear Alice,

You lovely little thing you! You have been in a massively good mood this week, perhaps your tooth hasn't been bothering you too much. Mummy has been treated to lots of smiles and laughs and kicks in the stomach... all good signs! You are finding everything so amusing and are getting far more curious than ever! You love pushing yourself up onto your hands so that your head is right up. I'm sure it wont be long until you are crawling... Argh!

You are eating 3 meals a day and they are steadily getting bigger and bigger. Your milk intake is dropping though and recently you have only been drinking 4 bottles of 7 ounces a day... And your bedtime bottle is often refused! You are still sleeping through the night though so I'm not complaining! On that note, you are sleeping from 6.30 till 6.30 now. 12 hours! Lucky mummy.

In other news, mummy and daddy are hoping to get married next year! We are busy trying to keep costs down (while mummy insists on little details...) and planning things. Would you like to be our flower girl?


  1. how cute is this baby ?<3 oh. i just followed you, x

  2. Glad you've had a good week! Have you set a date for your wedding? That's exciting! Of course, Alice will be an adorable flower girl! Xo

  3. She's just beautiful. Look at those blue eyes! Lovely idea for a feature :) x

  4. I just want to kiss that sweet face. What an angel.

    Quiet Luxury

  5. thanks for your sweet comment! you are a brave brave woman :D



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