Dear Alice- Week 24

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Alice,

Teething is the hardest challenge we have both faced so far. It is a nightmare. Literally, you are up all night long crying, screaming even, and mummy has run out of ideas of how to help you. I have tried everything now, every powder, every medicine every teether. Nothing seems to help you for very long. Calpol has become part of your daily diet and I refuse to give you anymore! The day is easier from the nights because you are distracted easier and I can take you out and about in the fresh air. night time= nightmare!

You have also become quite the wriggler. You can now wiggle across the floor. And I'm not even sure how exactly you are doing it! You are sort of shuffling yourself round and wriggling so much you just move! It's funny, but also hard work! The other day I left you for two minutes on your play mat while I ran to the loo and you managed to roll into the wall and hit your little head! no more leaving you alone. You shall have to accompany mummy to the toilet I'm afraid! (Though surprisingly you actually love being in the bathroom!)

Last night the funniest thing happened. I heard you crying on the monitor and went into your room to find you on your tummy, doing your superwoman trick IN YOUR SLEEP! You were literally still asleep and rolled over in you sleep. One quick roll back and you were sound asleep again! I had to hold my mouth with both hands to stop myself from laughing too loudly... I didn't even know babies could do that! It did make me laugh!



  1. Your daughter is beautiful :)

    New follower on bloglovin...though I'm not a mummy myself, I love reading your posts about motherhood. Alice is quite possibly the best dressed baby I've ever seen too.

    Rachel x

  2. Alice has such beautiful eyes!!


  3. Alice is absolutely beautiful!!! :) That superman trick story made me chuckle! ;) Xx

  4. Aww that superman thing is absolutely adorable, so cute! I hope the teething gets better soon. I think my mum used to use Vaseline for us, which seemed to help. XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk


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