Friday, August 31, 2012

Top: Topshop
Shirt: Topman
Shoes: Topshop
Hat: Topshop

Love this shirt, even though it's not actually mine. it belongs to Dave, but I wear it more than he does! Haha. I also wear his t-shirts, joggers and sunglasses... Taking the boyfriend chic to a whole new level! 

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@emmalondonuk) or instagram will know that I blew up the sterilising unit yesterday after putting the microwave setting onto grill by mistake. I blame all these 5am starts I'm having at the moment. Or maybe it's karma for ranting on about how Alice sleeps all night long and posting up her routines! Well... her routine has insisted of: wake up at 5, eat, go back to sleep with mummy at 8 and wake up at about half 10. To be honest, I quite like getting the little morning snooze, but I know it's not really a good routine for Alice. I know what I have to do if I'm honest. I have to wake her from her morning nap after half an hour and try and settle her for a longer one at lunch. That way she should start sleeping longer at night. But it's just very hard to do when you're up at 5am!

Anyway. Hope everyone had a lovely week, aside from the monsoons that have swept London. Bye bye summer.



  1. I love your style, I don't know what the word is for it but I wish I had it!
    Sorry, but the microwave story made me laugh =) 5am is an ungodly hour.

  2. Your steriliser goes in the microwave? Microwaves grill?! These are such revelations to me! Haha, the pic on instagram made me laugh. I did wonder how you managed it (my one is a plug in). I stole one of Gary's shirts once but it didn't end well, so never again! U love how you've styled Daves though! Xo

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