Swan dresses

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dress: Topshop
Blazer: Republic
Shoes: Topshop

Love this Swan Print Cut out Sun dress form Topshop, which incidently is in the SALE! Argh! Hate it when you pay full price for something and the next day it goes in the sale. However, I was worried at the time that it would sell out of a size 10 so snapped it up immediately. I wasn't to know...

The leggings are out again, thanks to this hot-cold-hot-rainy-sunny-cold weather we are having. I have NO idea what to dress Alice in anymore. Most days I just have her in a t-shirt and nappy and add layers if it gets chilly. And I thought having a baby in the summer would make it easier to dress her (summer dresses!). Typical. 

I have been watching Peppa Pug almost non stop for the past few days. It seems to be the only thing that amuses Alice for more than 5 minutes. Considering buying a box set and having it on constantly in the background! Haha! I think that theme tune has replaced everything I ever learned at uni in my brain! Do do do do do do do... Peeeeppa pig.... do do do do do do do do... Peeeeppa pig! 



  1. Haha we've had Peppa Pig on allll morning, must admit I'm quite fond of it [especially compared with some of the stuff kids like - In the Night Garden being the ultimate horror!!] Love the dress :) x

  2. My niece and little cousins were/are obsessed with peppa - snort snort! At least Alice isn't old enough to get excited about muddy puddles yet (the Bane of my aunts life!).
    Argh, that's annoying about the sale, but you weren't to know and I think that dress will be worth every penny (cost per wear and all that ;P) xo

  3. Love the outfit! Lovely print On the dress and like the colour of the blazer. :)

  4. first off, love the swan dress. you look fab!
    secondly, i kinda love peppa. Neo loves it so much!! he snorts like a pig and i think his third word after mamma,dadda was peppa haha! yeeee shes always on in my house. compared to some programmes i kinda like it, try ben and hollys little kingdom. Me and hubs (and neo) love it, lolxx

  5. Big love for the outfit! The colour combination is perfect

    The Young Bridget Jones


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