Tied Shirt

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Shirt: Topshop
Shorts: Miss Guided
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: River Island
Sunglasses: topshop

Well, Alice is still teething. Yup. More screaming, more long nights, more trying to stuff anything that's not a teether into her mouth. Yesterday she got her dummy stuck in her mouth! She had tried to wedge it in sideways and managed to get it stuck! 

We had another incident yesterday too! I may have mentioned that Alice can roll one way, just onto her back. Well, yesterday while I was running her bath and she was kicking on the floor in her bedroom she managed to roll all the way over. Right under the cot to the corner of the room where she managed to bang her head on the wall! When I rushed back into the room, I couldn't believe where she was! It's getting to that time where I just can't leave her anywhere on her own, not even for a few seconds! 

I wish all her teeth would just come through at once right... NOW. Then all this teething stuff would be over with! Come on teeth, hurry up!!!



  1. I'm so envious you can wear shorts! Love the shirt & brogues too.
    Oh clever Alice! Did she find the whole thing thoroughly entertaining? Xo

    1. No! She pretty much screamed the house down! Haha! The people next door must have thought I was trying to kill her! xx

  2. Oh lord I'm dreading teething. Jack is 4 months old now and constantly stuffing his fists into his mouth and drooling a lot so i don't think it'll be far away! He's also getting to the stage where he's starting to move and roll a lot more - gone are the days where i can run a bath or dry my hair while he's sitting quietly in the middle of the bed!

    Beautiful outfit, you're looking fab! My post-pregnancy figure is still alluding me lol! x

    1. Haha! It is hard work, but when you see his first tooth you'll be so proud and excited! xx

  3. your shirt is so so cute and also your sunnies. perfect, honey!

  4. wow you are so cute!

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  5. Ohh love the sunglass dear! So cute :) I'm following you back!

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  8. Such a pretty and summery outfit! Love your sunnies too xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

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  10. Nice outfit! I love your shoes with the little frilly socks! I hope Alice's teeth wiggle their way through soon and she feeling better :) My friend had her baby 5 weeks ago and he was born with some of his back teeth already through! Makes me wonder why we aren't just born with teeth, it would save the poor babies a lot of pain :) xx

  11. Teething is tough! Your awesome sunnies hide your tiredness well though! I really love your outfit, it's got three of my favorite elements: quirky, cool and pastels! hope the new teeth pass through your wee one's gums soon, so you can both get a bit more rest. xx

  12. That's such a cute outfit :) I love your hair too!


  13. I adore your outfit, especially the shoes, I'm in love with them! *.*
    By the way, Alice is the sweetest baby, she will be a beautiful girl when she grows up. :D
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  15. I love that outfit you are wearing!!

  16. Hey , thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I love your blog it's the perfect mix of lifestyle and style :) followed straight the way!
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