Alice's First Jeans

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alice's first jeans! I found these little beauties in Next. I was always a little weary of jeans on babies because the idea of covering a little baby up in harsh, rough denim seemed wrong. However, these ones from Next are so soft and lovely. They feel more like joggers than jeans, but still look super cool.

What do you think about Jeans on babies?


  1. Baby jeans aren't rough at all, and of course, next do lovely baby clothes so they are bound to be super comfy! Aiden has 2 pairs of jeans but he doesn't wear them all the time xo

  2. Thomas has a few pairs of jeans and they are supersoft not like normal adults jeans x

  3. Oh my goodness, this is just too much cuteness!!!


  4. Haha, too cute in the little jeans! Lots of love, light & sparkles.xxx

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  5. Gosh she has gotten so big hasn't she. Does she need a boyfriend by any chance? Wilbo is keen! Xxx


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