Androgyny vs. Girly trend

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Next Blogger network have set up a competition where you can win 3 Next outfits and the chance to be a guest blogger on their secret style blog! All you have to do is create a blog post of one of their 3 questions. I chose to do Androgyny vs. Girly Trend!

I think my style is quite girly. I always tend to go for skirts, tea dresses and pretty prints with brogues and ballet slippers. I think everyone has a "go-to" style and that's mine! I never really used to be girly. When I was in high school I always wore trousers and jeans on the weekends. In fact, Jeans were a firm staple in my wardrobe and I probably owned over 10 pairs of the things! It wasn't until I went to university that I began to experiment with fashion (cue fashion disaster photobook) and start to think a little more about what I wore. Ever since then, skirts and dresses have become my every day style, as shown in the above right picture. This next top, with the cute red bow on the shoulder, is a perfect example of my typical "girly" style. Pretty, simple and cute.

When the androgyny trend came about I was a little weary. I don't really wear trousers all that much and over sized clothes remind me of being pregnant! Haha! But blazers are a favourite of mine as I think they really add shape to an outfit. Next have a great range of blazers as well as these cool, smart tapered trousers I am wearing in the first picture.

Overall, I have to say girly will always win over androgyny for me!

What do you think of these trends? Which is your favourite?



  1. You look great in both, but I think the girly trend is definitely the winner. I wear a lot of oversized jumpers and leggings and stuff, so I'm not even sure which trend my style would fit into! x

  2. I like you in the girly trend, although you look gorgeous in everything.
    I still am like you used to be.. I live in jeans. Although i must admit i did buy my first pair of leggings the other day and i'm loving them.
    I hope you win in the competition.


  3. I love those trousers, and blazers are always a good staple to have, but I much prefer the girly outfit in this case! The skirt is just so pretty! Xo

  4. Both are great looks on you! My favorite piece is the skirt.

  5. I like your hat and your skirt. :D


  6. When in doubt, Go Girly! I love blazers too! I tend to wear them with really feminine colors and jewelry!

  7. Hi! Following you from the blog hop! I love that picture of you and your baby in your "about me" page. You are totally glowing! :) Being a mommy really is the greatest blessing and I hope you enjoy this time with her. My little boy's only 2 but I already feel like time passes by too fast! Look forward to getting to know you.


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